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Media Resources Management held FORMATS SHOW - unique event for media market of Ukraine and the whole CIS

9 November 2010, 14:03
Media Resources Management held FORMATS SHOW - unique event for media market of Ukraine and the whole CIS

Last week, on Nov 5th, 2010 Ukrainian media consulting company “Media Resources Management” held FORMATS SHOW – a crucially new event for the media market of the whole CIS.

FORMATS SHOW is a screening of the world’s latest,  brightest, and hottest TV show formats that a in high demand worldwide. The SHOW included 30 formats from the largest international distributors - Endemol, Fremantle Media, Zodiak Rights, MTV Networks, Shine International etc. The formats presented during the show are the favorites of international industry market of TV content MIPCOM held in Cannes, internationally awarded shows and also the projects with the highest ratings.

The event was a part of the conference “Television as Business” organized by the Industrial Television Committee. More then 100 delegates of the leading companies in media business, representatives of major TV channels, production companies, advertising and media-agencies from Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belorussia and Moldova attended the FORMAT SHOW. In particular, the participants were Ukrainian production companies FILM.UA, Star Media, Friends Production, PRO TV, «New Studio», “07 Production”, “Studio Pilot”, “Final Cut Media”, TV channels “Inter”, “STB”, ICTV, Tonis etc, Russian companies “Comedy Club Production”, companies “TOP Media” and “Telediksi” from Moldova, representatives of the Independent Television Channel from Kazakhstan, production companies from Belarus and many others.

Initiator of the FORMAT SHOW media expert Iryna Kostyuk commented, ‘Our first experience in organizing and conducting FORMAT SHOW cannot be overestimated. It is obvious that over 80% of television shows on leading Ukrainian TV channels today are the adaptations of international TV formats. Producers and television managers are constantly searching for original ideas and new projects in this field. FORMAT SHOW has simplified this procedure providing the real opportunity to integrate in the modern world context of the television industry directly in Kyiv, the program does indeed consist of the latest and the most interesting developments of this area. This is, in fact, a face of world’s television. The feedback of the colleagues we received after the SHOW testifies high interest to the event. With its debut the FORMAT SHOW immediately acquired international status – guests from Russia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Belorussia attended the SHOW. In future, we are planning to hold such an event annually. Moreover, we want to expand the agenda and next year the FORMAT SHOW will be organized as a separate one day event and we plan to invite the representatives of the world's largest format distributors to provide our attendants with the chance to communicate with them directly. In addition to the presentations of formats we will organize a series of panel discussions, reports about current conditions of the market of ideas and television production in neighboring and CIS countries”.

Those who did not attend the FORMAT SHOW can buy a DVD with a full package of materials – trailers of 30 formats (dubbed into Russian) and a complete database (representatives of distributors of presented formats who coordinate media markets in CIS).