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Artem Vakalyuk assumed the role of the Head of Publishing Projects «Content Report» and «Media Business Report»

19 November 2010, 12:34

November 2010 in Media Resources Management (MRM) is marked by stuff reshuffle. Apart from promotion of Victoria Yarmoshchuk who took up a post of Director of MRM, responsibilities of Artem Vakalyuk has expanded.

Artem Vakalyuk has been working with MRM since July 2010. Since September 2010 he has been the editor-in-chief of electronic analytical publication Content Report. And at the end of this month Artem assumes the duties of the chief editor of weekly publication Media Business Reports and becomes the Head of Publishing Projects of MRM.

Artem plans to widen the topics of Media Business Reports. 'As before we will be mainly focused on exploring the trends in media industry of Western countries but from now on we will give more attention to the trends in the CIS markets', he says.