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Be creative, be Ukrainian! The second season of PITCH UA – all-Ukrainian contest for socially relevant content announced!

10 December 2019, 11:46
Be creative, be Ukrainian! The second season of PITCH UA – all-Ukrainian contest for socially relevant content announced!

The end of 2019 brings good news for Ukrainian film and television producers: December 16 will mark the start of PITCH UA 2 – contest for socially important content about united and diverse Ukraine, held for the second time by media consultancy MRM with the support of the Ukraine Confidence Building Initiative (UCBI II) financed by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

The main goal of the contest remains the same – uniting Ukrainians and telling about positive changes that are happening in the country by creating high quality content for TV channels, cinema screens and digital, which will show Ukrainian unity in diversity, prompt interest and participation in the life of the county and inspire others with stories of strong people.

It must be noted, that PITCH UA 2 is also supported by the Ukrainian Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport whose representatives will be actively engaged as experts in judging and selection process at every stage of the contest.

PITCH UA 2 will last for 6 months, until May 2020, and will include several stages: initial call for entries, selection of the most relevant ideas with accordance to the contest goals, doctoring of the shortlisted projects, submission of the extended applications from the semi-finalists and the final pitching, that will be held on May12 in Kyiv.

PITCH UA 2 intends to find video projects for TV, web platforms and cinemas, that are dedicated to important social topics in Ukraine: humanizing the conflict, communication with the non-government controlled areas (NGCA), activation of youth.

"Ukrainians remain divided about the future of the war and tensions toward Ukrainians living in the NGCAs are increasing. These tensions inhibit policies that would be more inclusive toward the NGCAs today and could derail future peace deals and reintegration efforts. These tensions exist because of negative news coverage and stereotypes that have pervaded national narratives for the last five years. We are expecting applications for content that helps to explain the complexity of the conflict and its impact on people. We also invite applications for various types of content, including news, entertainment or cultural content, aimed at explaining the democratic reforms that are happening in Ukraine to people who live in the NGCA and explain the improved social policy programs, reforms and the position of the state generally towards the NGCAs. As for the youth topic, we are waiting for projects that will help young people in Ukraine make the right choices about their own future, explain the consequences of aggressive political activities and promote positive democratic values such as civic engagement, tolerance and innovation." – explains Benjamin Long, representative of USAID/OTI in Ukraine.

There are no limitations regarding genres or formats of the submitted projects. The applying producer’s goal might be either a request for co-funding the production of the entire audiovisual project (full program cycle, all episodes of the TV show, full feature film, etc.), or funding of the project’s development, including its pilot production (available for multi-series types of content only).

At every stage of PITCH UA 2 all the submitted projects will be judged by the jury panel, featuring representatives of Ukrainian ministers and corresponding to the contest’s topics state organizations, local and international AV sphere experts, and USAID representatives.

The winners that will be announced on May 22, 2020, will get an opportunity to receive partial or full funding for their projects along with experts’ support at every stage of its development and production.

PITCH UA 2 will be kickstarted in a week with one-day opening event, where the contest rules, topics and deadlines will be presented to the wide audience. Also, the event will host the keynotes by invited experts, more details will be announced soon.

PITH UA 2 opening event will take place on December 16, 10:00-15:40 at the Hub 4.0 (1/3, Yaroslavskiy lane, Kyiv). 

Call for entries for the first stage is open from December 17, 2019 till February 5, 2020.

Learn more about PITCH UA 2 on the official website