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Turkey, Ukraine lead latest wave to AFM

4 November 2008, 09:00

Ukraine reaches out to neighbors

16 October 2008, 09:00

The changing face of Ukraine

16 October 2008, 09:00


16 October 2008, 09:00

Ukraine the new kid on block at MIPCOM

14 October 2008, 09:00

Jude Law, Jane Seymour, Neve Campbell, Monica Cruz to attend MIPCOM

"Ukraine d'Azur Party" a special event organized by Media Resources Management and the Industrial TV Committee to present the Ukrainian TV market. 26 September 2008, 09:00

Ukrainian TV export to Russia: What can be better than Ukrainian TV films? Only the Pirates of the Caribbean!

17 September 2008, 09:00

Young Ukrainian fashion Designer Olesia Telizhenko has won a bid for designing and producing special exclusive gifts for the guests of the Ukraine D’Azur Party

As a result of the bidding among Ukrainian fashion designers, the order for producing the presents was placed with young designer Olesia Telizhenko, MRM reports 5 September 2008, 09:00

"Ukraine D' Azur Party" - the Ukrainian party in Cannes

18 August 2008, 09:00

The Ukrainian party in Cannes will be hosted by Majestic restaurant.

It is now confirmed that the hostess of the party will be Inter’s popular TV presenter Masha Yefrosinina. Negotiations are underway with Ukrainian pop stars on their performance in the concert program. 13 August 2008, 09:00
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