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MRM projects

Marketing and promotional support for the movie projects of the production studio "Fayno Company”: "A Christmas Tree, A Rabbit and A Parrot", "A Fairy Tale about a Man and a Woman", "The Old Colonels" and "Seven Days Before the Wedding"

Consulting assistance on the production of a TV-project "Accidental Record" (the Yalta Cinema Studio, "Inter" TV channel and the "Inter Media Production")

Consulting assistance on acquisition of the inflight rights for the content demonstrated on board "Aerosvit Airlines" flights

Weekly monitoring of the Ukrainian mass media resources for the CME corporation

Providing of monthly analytic reports on TV-viewing in the CIS states for the RTL Group corporation

Providing of weekly reports on advertising activity and TV-viewing for the "Ukrainian Media Holding"

"The MRM's Special Project" – a series of specialized articles at the Telekritika web-portal

Initiation and consulting support on the UGC project for the "Inter" group of channels

Acquisitions of the TV content package for the TV channel "К1"

The search and acquisition of the telenovela format "Tears of Love", produced by FILM.UA for the Ukrainian channel "1+1" and the Russian federal "5th Channel". Further assistance on the deal and production support

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