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FILM.UA Faculty with the support of Media Group Ukraine presented two new practical workshops by the famous American film school New York Film Academy (NYFA) on April 21, 22 and 23. Interrelated workshops for actors and directors included in class, supervised practical exercises for immediate application of topics introduced and discussed.

Both workshops were suitable for beginners as well as professionals wishing to raise their level and get a unique opportunity to study the standards of the American system of the film and television industry in three days.


Acting workshop included work with both teachers in turn – Christopher Cass and Gilbert M. Shilton. In the program: actor's skill, acting in front of the camera, work with the director, improvisation. Special focus will be on working in drama and comedy series. Part of the program was devoted to joint work with the students of the directing workshop and was held in the studio stage. All exercises were performed in front of the camera, after that the review and analysis of each participant's record is being held. All participants of the workshop were given the lines and roles from famous movies and series for practical exercises in advance.


The acting workshop included the following sections of practical training:


- work in comedy (based on the material of the series "The Big Bang Theory" and others; 3.5 hours)
- work in drama/melodrama (based on the material of the series "ER" and others; 4.5 hours)
- auditions and casting – for comedy (2 hours), for drama (2 hours)
- work with the director, understanding the challenge (2 hours)
- joint exercises of directors and actors (3 hours)

And: improvisation (30-50 min exercise)


Both teachers worked with the actors in turn. Each exercise was performed in front of the camera, passed the review and analysis of the recording. Work with the camera was practiced. Lines of the scenes, selected for practical exercises, were distributed in advance. All participants were asked to learn the lines before the course starts.



Directing workshop included practical exercises of working with the script, selecting actors and working with them, the basics of shooting. Also the program included joint practice of directors with actors in the studio stage with camera, auditions, acting for directors, as well as improvisation exercise. The course was based on the use of materials from famous movies and series.


The directing workshop included the following sections of training:


- director’s work with the script (2 hours) (preliminary – based on the material "Beverly Hills, 90210", where Gilbert worked as a director)
- casting (2 hours)
- basics of shooting/thinking outside the box (2 hours)
- acting for directors (2 hours)
- audition technique (auditions and casting) – for comedy (2 hours), for drama (2 hours) – work with actors, task assignment (2 hours)
- joint practice of directors and actors (3 hours)

And: improvisation (30-50 min exercise)



Workshops in Kyiv were held by the the best teachers of the New York Film Academy:
American actor and director Christopher Cass. Teacher at the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles. Having worked in the cinema for more than thirty years, Christopher Kass performed in many famous movies as an actor and director. His filmography includes: "ER", "Family Plan", "Whole Day Down", "Someone to Watch Over Me", "The One". Among the latest works – the movie Jilted, in which Christopher Cass acted as a director.
Iconic producer, screenwriter and director Gilbert M. Shilton. On his account there are more than thirty television series, including "Law & Order", "La Femme Nikita", "Beverly Hills, 90210", etc. Gilbert Shilton has many years of experience on such television channels as CBS, NBC, FOX, ABC, USA Network, Disney Cable. 

Workshops were held at FILM.UA Faculty, 22 Zakrevsky Str., Kyiv (FILM.UA studio, 2nd entrance) on April 21–23, 2017.

General partner of the project: Media Group Ukraine 





Project partner: Ukrainian Motion Picture Association