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The Ukraine d’Azur Party in Cannes

One of the most complicated and impressive projects of event management that were carried out by Media Resources Management company was the organization of the Ukraine D’Azur Party which took place on October 14, 2008 during the International Content Market MIPCOM 2009 in Cannes, France. The association of the Ukrainian TV channels "Industrial Television Committee" acted as the MRM's partner in arranging the event.

Presentation of a unified and large-scale media brand "Ukraine" was set as the main goal of the Ukrainian party. It was arranged as a feast during which the leading Ukrainian TV-channels and production companies presented to the international media community Ukrainian media market as a unified and well-developed industry. The fact that the companies who are actually rivals at the home market, managed (with the help of MRM) to present their country at the international market together is indeed unbelievable and has no precedents neither at the Ukrainian nor at the Russian market. The very idea of arranging this unique event (with its unprecedented scale) belongs to MRM. The main complication of the project was the necessity to coordinate and adjust the actions of all the so called "party hosts" - the leading TV channels and production companies of the country: Inter, 1+1, ICTV, New Channel, STB, М1, ТЕТ, «The First Automobile», FILM.UA, Star Media, Aurora, The Yalta Cinema Studio, the "Pilot" Studio. These organizations sponsored the event (the TV channels acted through the "Industrial Television Committee") and the MRM was responsible for all the arrangements and creative work for the project. Another peculiarity of the project was the fact that the party which took place at the French Cote D’Azur was arranged remotely from Kyiv with the contractors hired at place.

The event management department of MRM worked out the concept of the event, arranged the theme performances of all the "hosts", invited and arranged the arrival to France of the Ukrainian show-business stars (including obtaining visas for the performers), designed, produced and sent out the promotional materials, arranged the event to be widely covered by the Ukrainian and foreign media, carried out a banquet and an entertainment program, and also provided for special gifts to the guests of the party – branded embroidered T-shirts from the Ukrainian fashion-designer Olesya Telyzhenko which were designed and produced specially for the event etc.

Here are more details about how it happened…

It was hot at the Croisette in Cannes on October 14. For the first time in history during the International Content Market MIPCOM representatives of the international media giants gathered at the Ukraine D’Azur Party hosted by the leading channels and productions companies of the country which was arranged by the media consulting company Media Resources Management and the "Industrial Television Committee".

Among the people invited to visit the Ukraine D’Azur Party were Hollywood producers, world leading distribution companies as well as top-managers of TV-channels and production companies. Around 500 invitation cards were sent out, but the quantity of guests who honored the Ukrainian party with their presence exceeded 700. In the course of just one day the news about the party spread around the pavilions of the MIPCOM market so widely that many international companies had to think of a way to get there. Due to the rich entertainment program the guests stayed till late night (which is rather rare for the Cannes parties which are usually just socializing and networking accompanied by music).

The guests were hosted by the TV-channels and production-companies, namely Inter, 1+1 , ICTV, New Channel, STB, М1, ТЕТ, «The First Automobile», FILM.UA, Star Media, Aurora, the Yalta Cinema Studio, the "Pilot" Studio. Each representative of the host-company was presented with a specially designed bandana with a logo of his or her company. The bandana could be tied as a tie, on an arm or on the head. In such a way one could recognize "hosts" among other guests which favored new contacts and active communication.

The delegations of the hosting companies were unusually large. Over 20 people represented the «Inter» TV-channel; both «Star Media» and «FILM.UA» rented a separate spacious villa to accommodate all of their employees. Executives from the Industrial Television Committee headed by Katerina Kotenko, Oleg Kokhan ("Sota Cinema Group"), representatives of the National Council arrived to Cannes specially to attend the party.

The party was hosted by brilliant Maria Yefrosynyna, who came to Cannes in her husband's company. Masha was very elegant in a dressing gown of a Ukrainian designer with an authentic traditional ornament. She was speaking flawless English.

There were several hits of the program. First of all everybody was literally overwhelmed by the Ukrainian-style banquet arranged by the «STB» TV channel. The guests were treated with original Ukrainian home-made vodka, lard, vareniki and stuffed cabbage. All the dishes were cooked by the Ukrainian chef who was specially invited by the STB TV channel from Kyiv (he is involved with the channel's project "The Dinner Party"). The queue of the willing to taste the Ukrainian dishes was longer than those of the lovers of oysters and red caviar offered by the French chefs nearby. Next morning all the Russians who were passing the Russian stands marked off the Ukrainian banquet of the «STB».

Secondly, the program was full of scenic performances which were very different and very characteristic of each of the brands represented. The first performance was prepared by the «1+1» TV channel. The channel brought the "Va-Bank" ballet troupe to Cannes. Its dancers took part in designing and shooting of the image ads of the channel. The dancers performed an original dance in white costumes that was in tune of the images of the «1+1» TV channel for the new season. After the performance the dancers literally scattered among the guests handing out lollipops with the "1+1"'s logos.

It became very hot soon. The ICTV channel visualized its fiery brand with a fiery show. The artists of the Kyiv Fiery Theatre impressed the party guests with their virtuoso play with fire and an original theatrical performance. At the end the ICTV star lighted up – like in the new channel's ads. This performance left no one disappointed. The guests froze during the fiery performance and even stopped their talks for the moment.

The performance of the «New Channel» and the «Star Media» was based on their mutual bright project – the Second «Star Academy». It was the longest and the brightest show performed by the three members of the Academy and their star mentor Natalya Mogylevskaya. The show was started by Olena Kolyadenko's dancers in technocratic costumes and with rather unusual robot-style choreography. Then the contestants of the Star Academy Alysa Tarabarova, Dantes and Kara Kay appeared on the scene. Natalya Mogylevskaya first sang her new song "3,2,5" solo, and then she performed the hymn of the Academy together with her students. After the performance the members of the Factory and Natalya gave an interview to the "New Channel"s team. You may find out more about their performance in the "Star Academy Diaries" on the "New Channel".

All the night through the members of the Academy and the party guests were dancing to the hits of another star who was closing the evening – the Ukrainian MTV-star Lama who came to Cannes specially to sing at the Ukrainian party.

The evening culminated in a fireworks prepared by the FILM.UA company. The guests were enjoying the salute that was fired from a barge in the open sea accompanied by the specially written music (based on the brand music from the FILM.UA's logo) for full 7 minutes. At the same time a laser show was shown on a screen of a very thin stream of water with the FILM.UA's logo elements shown at the sand lot on the sea shore.

By the end of the evening wild dances began fuelled by the rock-hits of the delicate but very energetic Lama. She was inspiring both hosts of the party and its guests. When she was performing her hit "I Need It So Much" one of the guests went up the scene to sing this song with the performer…)).

Guests of the Ukraine D’Azur Party were presented with exclusive Ukrainian gifts – embroidered T-shirts by the Ukrainian fashion-designer Olesya Telyzhenko (who supplies all the President's family with embroideries). A tender for creating the best branded souvenir was announced among the Ukrainian designers. According to the tender's conditions the souvenir was to reflect national character and promote the Ukrainian values. Due to her national-style inclinations Olesya Telyzhenko managed to win the tender. By the way, President Victor Yuschenko and his daughter Vitalina, a singer Nina Matviyenko and politician Raisa Bogatyryova all buy their clothes from Telyzhenko. But at the Ukraine D’Azur Party in Cannes it was the first time that one could see the representatives of the leading international and Hollywood companies dressed in Ukrainian clothes. It was a great present for Cannes where it is still warm at the beginning of October.

The country's presentation was also held for the business-press. You may find out more on the arrangement of the special press conference about Ukraine in the framework of MIPCOM 2008 here.

Hosts of the Party