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Guide to Ukrainian TV 2007: Events, Trends, Figures

Guide to Ukrainian TV 2007: Events, Trends, Figures Release date: September 2008
Pages: 100
Prepared by:
Media Resources Management
Price: 1000 UAH

This Guide is a second edition in the series of annual reports by Media Resources Management dedicated to television industry in Ukraine covering its developments and features on year-by-year basis (the first edition published in 2007 covered the TV market of 2001 – 2006).

The Guide is a full overview of Ukrainian TV market development in 2007 that includes exclusive nowhere-else-to-be-found information on: developments of main networks in the country, general info on each channel, tendencies of the year 2007, programming schedules and content strategies, audience ratings analysis, product acquisition strategies and license fees, costs of local productions, acquisition budgets, channels’ top management, reference data, future forecasts.

Report includes data on the following channels:

  • Inter
  • 1+1
  • ICTV
  • STB
  • New Channel
  • First National
  • ТЕТ
  • Ukraine
  • NTN
  • 5th Channel
  • К1
  • К2
  • Enter
  • Enter-Film
  • Megasport
  • City
  • Kino

Regarding additional information and acquisition of the Guide please contact Media Resources Management

22 Zakrevsky St., Kyiv 02660, Ukraine

tel: + 380 44 459 46 10, fax: +380 44 459 46 11