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Content Report

An information-analytical electronic periodical about production and distribution of audiovisual content in Ukraine, Russia and the CIS. Full review of the processes on the market once in two weeks. Analytical articles, interviews with market insiders.

Content Report – an informative-analytical electronic publication about content production and distribution in Ukraine, Russia and CIS.

The publication contains full updated overview and information about current content production processes in theCIScountries. Each issue will provide you with fresh news from production studios and their contractors, film and television content distributors, highlights in TV broadcasting, technical innovations for video-content production, as well as breaking global industrial news. You will also get an analytical article or production industry review, and exclusive interview with an interesting representative of the market.

An issue is published once in two weeks.

Sections of the Content Report:

  • Production – detailed content production weekly report and overview of everything that is being produced. Production studios and TV channels production news from Ukraine, Russia and CIS.
  • Distribution –  content distribution in Ukraine, Russia and CIS news and analytics, movies first nights announcements, theatrical box-office analytics etc. 
  • TV-screening – first runs of CIS-made content broadcast on Ukrainian and Russian channels, its impact on channels rating and share.
  • Personnel – HR news from TV and production markets of Ukraine, Russia and CIS.
  • Technologies – technical innovations in the field of content production
  • Analytical article – each issue contains review or analytics on the urgent market item
  • Interview – exclusive interviews with the industry trendsetters, gurus of production, television or distribution.

The publication is positioned as an informative-analytical must-read for:

  • production studios CEOs and managers;
  • TV content production, planning and acquisitions departments specialists;
  • TV and theatrical content distributors,
  • independent producers, film-makers and everyone involved in the audiovisual content production and distribution industry.

Content Report is a Russian language publication only.

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