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Media Business Reports

Media Business Reports is being published since 2006 as an informational and analytical weekly publication. The contents of MBR covers all the main spheres of the media business in Ukraine and the world and includes news of the industry as well as analytical articles and reviews. Available in Russian only.

Regular columns of MBR:

  • Media Facts in Numbers – important numbers on the media industry, quantitative results of researches and polls, budgets etc.
  • Events of the Week – reviews of the professional events and analysis of important events of the industry for the past week.
  • News of the Media Companies – the latest news of the major media companies of Ukraine and the world.
  • Production News – news and analysis of events in the sphere of content production and its market players.
  • News of the Distribution – news and analysis in the sphere of content and channels distribution.
  • News of Broadcasting and Other Means of Content Delivery – news and analysis of the activities of the TV companies, publishing houses, Internet and other mass media.
  • Plus in each edition – TOPs of the best programs of the Ukrainian TV channels and their analysis, TOPS of the TV channels, AntiTOPs of programs of the past week.
  • Theatrical box office TOPs for the last week-end.
  • Analytical article – each edition contains an article on some hot issue of the media industry.