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Media Resources Management offers a wide range of services in the sphere of media and entertainment. The company's services include consulting and practical support of projects in all the main fields of the media market (television, theatrical, press, new media, radio etc.) starting from the development of the concept, conducting all the relevant market researches and up to the full completion of the project.  Some examples of such services may include: development of the distribution network, working out the broadcasting schedules, content acquisitions, integration of the company into the international market etc.

One of the most distinctive features of Media Resources Management is its comprehensive and very flexible approach to any of our clients' needs. When working with us the clients get the full spectrum of services starting from the development of an idea and conducting of the market research and up to administrative and legal support of the project. Such level of service is possible due to the close partnership connections established by our company with the leading market players.

The company's services may be divided into 5 main directions:


Consulting and media projects implementation

Such services may include, for instance, the following actions: integrating of the company into the local market as well as the international market, search of partners for carrying out joint projects (such as coproductions), search of investors, establishment of contacts with the key players of the Ukrainian and international media markets, drawing up the project budgets, working out the broadcasting\programming concepts, auditing and optimization of the broadcasting schedules, content acquisitions for any media platforms, development of the distribution network, placement of audiovisual content at any media platforms, forecasts of the situation at the market segments, working out of expert recommendations on the basis of  market research, representation of the clients' interests at the specialized events including international events, arranging of training programs, seminars,  etc.


Market Researches

Conducting market researches in the sphere of media industry (television, theatrical, content production, new media etc.) of any complexity, plus arranging of polls (including experts' polls), arranging of focus-groups, composition of qualitative and quantitative market reviews both independently and involving local and international partners, etc.


Informational and analytical periodicals

MRM publishes and distributes such regular publications as Media Business Reports, Analytics of TV-Viewership in Ukraine, Content ReportCIS: Content Report.


Printed special projects

MRM has all the needed resources for the preparation and publishing of any catalogues, reviews, manuals and other specialized literature on the media industry. MRM boasts the series of professional literature on cinema, TV and media called MediaBook. The series includes the following books: "The hidden tools of comedy: the serious business of being funny" by Steve Kaplan, Viki King's "How to Write a Movie in 21 Days: The Inner Movie Method" and "Media Glossary". Another book will be released very soon – "FILM.UA Faculty. 2014/2015 Workbook".

MRM has also worked out and published the following projects: "Guide to Ukrainian TV 2001-2007", "European film studios" catalogue and others.



MRM offers a unique service on arranging professional events of any level in the field of media – from seminars and training sessions to international conferences, specialized parties and award ceremonies. Such service is very special and unique on the market and MRM has all the necessary skills and experience in arranging the events of any complexity, since we ourselves are the insiders of the market, we understand its specifics and its players. Therefore, we are able to offer not only services on organizing the event but also on its concept and content. 

The projects that have already been carried out by our company include: a unique range of industrial events KIEV MEDIA WEEK (Kyiv, 2011-2015), International Audiovisual Content Market Ukrainian Content Market (Kyiv, 2011-2015), Conference and Screening of the Newest TV Formats Format Show (2010-2015), International Forum KIEV CoProduction Meetings (2013-2015), Film Business Conference(2008-2015), International Conference Television as Business (co-organizer / Kyiv, 2011-2015), PayTV in Ukraine Conference (co-organizer / Kyiv, 2011-2015), Round Table Discussion: New Legislation in Forth and Upcoming Trade Regulation of Ukrainian TV and Media Sphere (co-organizer / Kyiv, 2015), Round Table Discussion of Media Regulatory Authorities of Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia and Czech Republic (co-organizer / Kyiv, 2015), special presentation by 112 Ukraine TV channel "News television of the future is already in Ukraine" (Kyiv, 2015), Round Table: Printed Press Market in Ukraine (Kyiv, 2014), presentation of FILM.UA Faculty and keynote by Sergey Sozanovsky (Kyiv, 2014), LIONS Creativity Days Case Studies (co-orgaizer, Kyiv, 2014), Master-class of Steve Kaplan in the course of LINOLEUM 2014 (Kyiv, 2014), special lecture of Michael Grindon "Global Television Trends: Implications For CIS Territories" (Kyiv, 2013), Round Table "Television and Cinema in Russia and Ukraine: Potential, Achievements and Prospects" (Kyiv, 2013), International Emmy Awards 2012 Judging Semi-Final in Kyiv. 

Also MRM has organized two parties in Cannes, France: Ukraine D'Azur Party in the course of MIPCOM 2008 (500+ guests from all over the world) and the Ukrainian Party by FILM.UA and Studio Kvartal 95 in the course of MIPCOM 2015 (500+ guests from all over the world).

The company has successfully organized and implemented a series of seminars from the world famous experts in the sphere of media. In 2013 the following seminars took place: "Sitcom and the hidden tools of comedy" by Steve Kaplan, "Making a good script great. Script doctoring" by Linda Seger, in 2012: "Strategies and secrets of successful TV products creation. The gap between theory and practice" by Larry Kaplow, MRM has also became a partner of Robert McKee's Story Seminar in Ukraine.

In 2014 Media Resources Management together with FILM.UA Group launched a new educational project – FILM.UA Faculty. By today, it boasts more than 25 master classes and seminars of different directions and difficulty with 30+ speakers - film and television industry experts; 1000+ participants from Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities, MRM exported 10 master classes in Kyiv, Lviv and Almaty; 150+ children made 20+ short films during 7 shifts of Cinema Kids; 50+ graduates of Acting School, 20+ students of Children Dubbing School "Tak Treba Production".